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Welcome to Nim-Véda Australia

Bored of reading textbook inspired About Us Pages? We like keeping everyone happy here at Nim-Véda Australia, so for you rebels, click here. For the rest of you smart, savvy folk, just continue reading.
The coming of age in a new century has brought about the precious understanding of mother nature, in which we realise that all human needs have the potential of being physically and mentally fulfilled by our environment. We also realise that we need to do this in an economically feasible way to maintain our promise to work with Nature rather than against her - in an Affordable Organic way.
In recognition of this, Nim-Véda Australia's mission is to entrap the magical healing properties of mother earth for all of us to benefit from, where finally our modern hectic lives can be nourished by ancient proven ways of keeping ourselves healthy. Our range of natural hair care, skincare, soaps, oils and our latest addition, Certified Organic & Organic Foods display our determination to constantly strive for nature's best.
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Who We Are

Nim-Véda Australia is a fresh, new age manufacturer and distributor of personal body and hair care products as well as Certified Organic & Organic Foods. Proudly Australian owned and operated since 1997, we have big dreams in our eyes. Click here to see how we plan on changing the world ...

Body Care - Soaps

Often claimed to be one of our best products, Nim-Véda Australia's extensive range of soaps are certain to leave your body feeling fresh and invigorated after a hard day's work.

For our other Body Care range of products, make sure to check out our Moisturisers, Soaps, and Skin Protection products ...

Nim-Véda Australia‘s Philosophy

In the making of our high quality products we strive to ensure that our natural philosophy is followed by making sure we keep our range free of any harmful ingredients as listed here: