Have Fun With Your Kids This Easter Weekend

We’ve been featured in the MyDeal blog for our useful tips on having some Natural Fun with Kids this Easter!

How cool is that?

Easter is a time to relax, have fun and eat loads of chocolate but we’ve given you some tips on how to make Easter guilt free (so you can sleep better knowing that you’re not ruining their teeth) and best of all – the kids won’t have a clue they’re being healthy!

It’s a win-win for everyone! Sounds good, right? We agree. Enjoy!


How to Naturally Grow Hair Faster and Promote Regrowth

Our team at Nim-Véda Australia are constantly being asked by our wonderful customers on how to naturally grow hair faster and quickly.

But here’s the deal – they want to do it naturally.

Though this may scare some people off, not us! As a company dedicated to providing natural solutions to everyday problems, we trust in Mother Nature’s ability to fix nearly every ailment life can throw our way. Growing healthy, lustrous hair for keeps is dare we say it, child’s play for this beautiful planet of ours!

Want to know more about how to naturally grow hair fast?

Read on!

Turns out our ancestors were actually quite smart!

Not that we’re surprised but it seems like our ancestors were actually quite in tune with their surroundings, something we think we could all benefit and learn from, we’re sure you agree.

Just like everything attached to our body, our hair and scalp need nourishment and tender, loving care as well.

It’s easy to forget that all the modern day mechanisms of hair styling, such as blow drying, straightening, curling and more are actually detrimental to our hair follicles. Add to it the dangerous mix of chemical and preservative filled shampoos and conditioners and it’s a wonder our hair is still attached to our scalps!

Though you may not be able to completely discard the comforts of modern day hair care, there certainly is a lot you can do to combat the damaging effects.

Let’s dive in!

Naturally Grow Hair Faster and Thicker with Ayurveda …

The Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India for over 4500 years.

naturally grow hair-head-massageWe think it’s sufficed to say that the procedure is worth its weight in gold! Used by the ancient Indians well into modern day, this traditional and ancient practice is at the forefront for the international acclaim Indian people have for their amazing and lustrous, thick locks. It is also the first piece of advice given to Indians who want to naturally grow hair fast.

It’s not uncommon to walk into an Indian household over the weekend and be encouraged to partake in the weekly (and in some places daily) traditional “bonding” routine where the matriarch of the family is oiling and massaging the scalp of the children in the family.

Though the traditional head massage does wonders for the quality and health of the hair and scalp, there are a few other easy hacks we can all include in our daily routine to ensure that our hair is getting the best care it can and best of all. Some of these hacks actually have a trickle on effect for the rest of our bodies too! How good it that?

What you put in your body reflects on the outside.

Hair, like everything else attached to us is directly correlated to our internal health. In fact, hair (along with skin and nails) is one of the first indicators or rather, natural warning signs, that your health is suffering. You need to make some changes to your habits.

This is one of the main reasons we tend to witness breakouts, chipped and yellowing nails and thinner hair (as well as increased hair loss) when our diets aren’t as good as they should be.

If you’re witnessing any of the above health changes (or you know in your gut that what you’re putting into it isn’t ideal – no pun intended!), chances are you need to make a change.

Some simple ways to do this are:

  1. 1- Limit your intake of fast foods if you want to naturally grow hair fast (found in popular chain). You know the baddies we’re talking about.
  2. Also limit your intake of foods not made at home. Yes, even the ones from supposedly “healthy” restaurants. The truth is no one, and we mean, no one, can make food as healthy and nutritious as you can at your own stove. Restaurants still have to make yummy food, even when that means a trade off with healthier alternatives. If a creamy pasta tastes better than a nutritious, wholesome vegetable one, they’ll be going for the first option without the slightest regard for your poor, undervalues arteries!
  3. As much as you can, try and cook at home. Fresh meals cooked with vegetables, fruit and meats (preferably the organic type) that you just bought are going to by far contain a lot more nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals than anything you can buy pre-packaged at the supermarket or joint down the street.
  4. Cooking is a labour of love. The act coupled with the thoughts and meaning you put into it when cooking for your loved ones is definitely not a trait that should be understated or undervalued.
  5. Now that we have what we’re putting into our body sorted, let’s take a deeper look at the cosmetic changes we can make to promote healthy hair growth.

Naturally Grow Hair Quickly with Natural Products

There has been an uptake on the use of natural products for our personal care needs and for good reason too.

Many off the shelf shampoos and conditioners are filled to the brim with chemical substitutes and possibly damaging ingredients such as parabens.

While there may be no hard evidence for the damage that these can cause, we don’t see why any of us would want to take any chances with our health.

Natural products are made up of the good stuff – as seen by Mother Nature and as an entity with the most experience when it comes to taking care of us, we’d rather not argue with her

There are a plethora of natural options out there when it comes to taking care of our hair and are easily sourced in local health outlets.

nim-veda-hair-careOur own range of hair care is centred around Neem, the Tree of the 21st Century as declared by the United Nations) and other amazing tried and tested Ayurvedic extracts that are proven time and time again, for their beneficial attributes for our hair and skin.

With the wide variety of natural products available now, we have no excuse in finding one that is just perfect for us in each and every way to naturally grow hair.

Oil your Hair for Increased Growth & Lustre

Indians use a variety of oils on their hair to promote healthy, long, thicker hair.

naturally grow hair-fastOften times, this is dependent on region. The South of India and Bengal tend to use Coconut Oils due to their warmer and tropical climates while North Indians are fans of Mustard Oil as well as what our mothers and grandmothers have been using on us since we were children.

Also, certain oils are known for their own unique attributes. Almond Oil is great for dandruff and flaky scalps. Amla Oil is wonderful for keeping shine in your hair and for those raven haired people, promoting the blackness of it. Jojoba Oil is wonderful for curly haired people as this lightweight oil adds bounce to curls naturally and easily.

Whatever your personal preference, unless you’re actually allergic to oils, oiling your hair with any natural oil is rarely going to be damaging or detrimental (always conduct a patch test before applying to your scalp to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to any oils).

As a bonus tip, Bhringraj Oil is a known hair growth promoter and I can personally attest to reduced hair fall with this oil. A couple of years ago I was losing a lot of hair, a few weeks of Bhringraj application really boosted my hair growth and reduced my hair fall considerably. I now apply all oils for their unique benefits and attributes on a type of roster system (applying one oil on a weekly basis for a month and then changing it up. I find that this has worked for me quite well).

Finally, stress less!

A lot of people tell us this. We know innately there is no better medicine than a positive outlook in life and this goes for everything, especially when it comes to our health. This includes helping us to naturally grow hair rapidly.

If you can’t immediately eliminate the cause of what’s stressing you out, though we know it’s hard to do, try and remain calm and positive, it will pass.

Try meditating, surround yourself with positive company and try breaking down the source of your problem into manageable steps and reflect on how you can facilitate a better outcome.

Life is full of ups and downs, how we react to them is our challenge and we’re not failing it!

Once you equip yourself with the power to react positively, you’ve won the war and battle, everything else is going to be child’s play!

Wrapping it up!

There’s a lot to take from this article but in a nut shell, it’s manageable and really quite simple to taking care of your hair and scalp to naturally grow hair faster and thicker.

To summarise:

  1. Eat well and home cooked meals when you can, limiting fast foods and repackaged meals.
  2. Use Natural Products in your hair care routine so you can limit chemicals and other harmful ingredients
  3. Oil your hair through the ancient Ayurvedic treatment to nourish your scalp and hair for healthier hair and increased hair growth.
  4. Stress less through meditation, positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences.

Try the above and you should be well on your way to healthier hair and promoted hair growth.

Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before you start to see the positive changes.

Will you adopt any of the above Ideas and if yes, which one? Let us know how you go on your hair journey, we’d be delighted to find out more through your comments.


What do you have planned for the Holiday Season?

Everyone at Nim-Véda Australia would love to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, enjoyable and safe festive holiday season!

We’ll be closed from the 10th of December, 2016 until the 16th of January, 2017 for the holiday season due to conference, trade show attendances and the Aussie holidays .

As a small (but growing!) community business, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your loyal support, we really do appreciate it.

We hope to prosper together well into the future and can’t wait to be of service to you into 2017.

It’s going to be an awesome year!

P.S. We’ve just been featured in the very popular Professional Beauty Magazine for reputable Spa & Salon Owners for our educational article on Neem and Ayurveda in the space. What a perfect Christmas gift for that stressed out love in your life. Want to know more? Visit our website at nimveda.com


Fight the Flu the Completely Natural Way!

We’ve just been featured on the popular MyDeal Blog for our article on fighting the flu naturally.

It’s a great, quick read for those of us who want to stay healthy with the help of Mother Nature rather than through man made drugs and chemicals permanently.

You can check out the article on the MyDeal blog and let us know what you think in the Comments Section. Also, please make sure to share with any of your friends and family who like staying healthy naturally.

Remember, it’s Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body – Nim-Véda Australia


Want to Make Turmeric part of your everyday diet Quickly & Easily?

We have you covered if you are looking at making Turmeric part of your everyday life and diet easily and quickly.

Want to know the best part?

You can be up to date in under three minutes! Turmeric is the latest superfood craze to be hitting the International Organic Food shores. We let you know how to make this miraculous boon from Mother Nature part of your everyday diet easily and quickly. Even if you need a recap on the benefits of #Turmeric, we have you covered.

We go through a little bit of history on Turmeric, how you can easily add it to your and your family’s diet and a brief overview on the plethora of benefits of this wonderful natural spice.

Let us know what you think in the comments section and as always, share this with your friends and family if they love Turmeric as much as we do or if they need a cool, brief introduction.

Want more information on these and our wide range of Certified Organic and Organic High Gourmet Quality Raw Ingredients?

Check us out on our website at www.nimveda.com for more information on us and click on our Spices range for more information on Turmeric specifically.

natural hair blond pic

How to do Natural Hair on a Budget

We’ve had an abundance of people asking about transitioning to natural hair and the one common dilemma everyone around the topic seems to be facing at the moment is what products to use.

But here’s the deal.

We think it just makes pure, unadulterated sense that Mother Nature knows best. Who better to help us all convert to natural hair than this beautiful planet we’re all so lucky to inhabit?

No one, that’s who and the best part is? It’s on a budget!

We were all born natural but with the added substances and chemicals we so commonly use by way of hair dyes, hairsprays and gels and the adverse effects of harsh unnatural drying mechanisms such as straightening or curling irons and hairdryers, it isn’t surprising that our hair is starting to let us know.

Dry, brittle hair is a negative result many of us have had to deal with at one (and more likely, many) points in our life. You only need to flick on your television to be bombarded with the hundreds of ads promising you the hair you were born with after a couple of tries of whatever product they’re trying to sell. But the question is – will they work?

Will unnatural substances really help with healing your hair and scalp?

It sounds silly, right?

But have you ever really analysed the labels of the countless “healing” solutions available on your supermarket shelves? How many of the products vying for your desperate attention are truly natural, the way Nature intended?

In fact, you may be surprised to find that many of the supposedly “natural” products you purchase (content in your belief that you’ll only be using natural ingredients on your body) may actually shock you.

Natural is a word everyone likes to throw around these days but it is one that has until recently, been unfairly exploited. Though rules and regulations around labelling standards have definitely become stricter over the past few years, there are still a substantial amount of businesses that are not using the terminology the way they should be.

When it comes to natural and organic products, it’s definitely better to err on the side of caution. Make sure to read the labels before your purchase a product claiming to be natural and educate yourself on the ingredients. With Google handy to nearly all of us now, it takes a total of five seconds flat to conduct a search on an item and remember, just because you may not be able to pronounce an ingredient or it looks suspiciously chemical in nature, doesn’t mean it isn’t natural. Basically, be informed when you buy!

What you put in your body is just as important

Just last week, over a cup of tea and coffee with a group of friends, we were discussing how many of us won’t think twice before popping something that looks scrumptious in our mouths for a taste but that we become very distrustful when we’re asked to try a sample of cream or lotion on our hand or a new hair regime.

Logically, when we truly think this through, we‘re sure you’d agree that this reaction is ludicrous! We’re not understating the importance of making sure we use natural products on our body but what we put inside of our body is just as imperative. Allergies and adverse reactions can occur either way, as a topical application on your skin, hair and nails or by way of internal consumption.

Why does this matter?

Because all the adverse things happening to our bodies right now, whether that be premature ageing, breakouts, rough hair, deteriorated hair growth, excessive hair fall, anything really – chances are a lot of it has to do with what we put into our bodies.

As a passionate advocate for Certified Organic and Organic foods, we can’t lie; we really do believe that this is the only way to go when caring for our bodies as we always maintain, it’s Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body.

We also believe that Nature has the solution to all of the issues commonly faced by all living things, mankind included, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on Affordable Organic Products so that all of us can reap the benefits of what we know to be every living thing’s birth right – Mother Nature’s touch.

In light of this, we are also aware that many do not believe in the concept of Certified Organic and Organic foods which is okay. Ensuring that you and your family eat fresh and natural produce predominantly, with a minimal emphasis on processed, frozen and canned meals will keep your hair lustrous and healthy. So much so that even the occasional fast food meal is unlikely to put a dent in your natural mantra armour.

De-Stress your life and your hair will thank you

It is common knowledge that stress has a tremendous negative effect on our hair, skin and nails. Though it’s all well and good to order your body to stop stressing, the reality is that this is one of those cases when it’s easier said than done.

But like everything in life, we can certainly try to make a positive change and Nature is here to help.

Massage is a wonderful way to relax our bodies, mind and for many of us, our souls. In fact, a good massage can truly be spiritual. Using a wide range of natural oils like these ensure that your body is being gifted with a multitude of benefits and advantages.

Traditional Indian Head massages have been used in ancient India through Ayurveda for centuries due to their innumerable benefits for the hair and general inner health. Many who oil their hair attest to feeling like something’s missing if they stop or become irregular as the scalp and hair become accustomed to being moisturised on a daily or weekly basis.

Indians are often revered for their hair and this is mostly due to the natural substances they spoil their scalps with on a daily basis. Using completely natural colouring alternatives like Henna and Indigo don’t only take care of greys naturally, they are also an excellent alternative to many of the other issues we commonly face such as dandruff, dry and brittle hair and a lack of condition and shine amongst many more benefits.

The Best Natural Oils for Hair

Child with natural hairCoconut Oil and Amla Oil are staple oils used for the scalp in families across India.

Warmer climate area in South and East Indian regions normally use coconut oil for an added shine to hair and as a conditioning alternative that is chemical free and completely natural. Coconut Oil tends to solidify in colder conditions which is why it is a better alternative in warmer areas.

Mustard Oil is used extensively in the North Indian region for thick, long hair that is lustrous. Though Mustard Oil has a strong, unique odour, if you can cope with it, use of this oil tends to leave your hair feeling soft and easily manageable.

Other amazing oils for your hair are Jojoba Oil, Ashwagandha Oil, Black Sesame Seed Oil and Cumin Seed Oil (to mention a few). Brahmi Oil is also excellent for invigorating the mind while Almond Oil is wonderful for those dryer months when the scalp tends to be itchier and dandruff strikes.

For those of you who are converted, here is a list of comprehensive oils that are excellent for both the skin and hair!

Why Natural Hair is Achievable and the Best Alternative for Amazing Locks

Natural Hair isn’t only more manageable, less expensive in the long run and has a tendency to look wonderful (even when you haven’t had the time for a quick blow dry) – it truly is the best option for your hair.

Using natural products on your scalp ensures that the pores of your skin aren’t taking in any nasty chemicals or harsh substances into your system and vital organs. We are sure you’d agree that there has to be a reason so many women are warned against using chemical filled hair dyes during their pregnancy. If it’s not right for new life, why should it be right for you?

Natural Oils and ingredients have been used for centuries when taking care of the hair and the numerous advantages are well documented, having surpassed the tests of time and advancement in medical science.

Let’s start listening to our ancestors and most importantly, our planet when it comes to taking care of our spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Chances are Mother Earth really does know best!

Have you ever used Natural Products for your Hair? Please share your experiences with us and our other readers.

Breanne Profile

This is How the Most Gorgeous People in the World stay Beautiful

If you know anything about us, you know we’re obsessed about nature.

And that’s putting it mildly. It’s an understatement really.

But here’s the deal.

Are we the only ones?

You know how it’s easy to believe that the rest of the world is exactly like you because you spend so much time in your head?

Well we started becoming a little self-conscious about whether we were the only ones as in love with Mother Nature as we are.

Why does this matter?

Because one, it turned out we aren’t crazy. Well not completely anyway.

But that’s not all.

We got to talking to some of the most internationally recognised stunning people in the world to get their take on Nature and whether it truly is all that.

Want to know how the story ends?

Read on.

The Bachelor Girls are in the House.

Let’s face it, few of us can claim to being Bachelor immune. Who isn’t glued to their television sets when the girls battle it out for their one true love’s attention?

What’s that we hear?

The sound of crickets, that’s what.

How can you actually use this?

Hold your horses, we’re getting to it.

Any girl who’s on screen for as long as the Bachelor ladies are in all their happiness, tear jerking sadness and sometimes the occasional cat fight who still looks that good has obviously been dropped onto Earth from Zeus’ heavenly abode accidentally.

What other possible, viable explanation could there be, right?


It turns out, following extensive hours of gruelling, back breaking research; we can in fact declare the Bachelor girls to be human. Just like the rest of us.

We know. Bizarre but true.

Those flawless beauties are just like you and us; they just wear their faces and bodies stunningly.

But don’t fret. The secret we’re about to let you in on is going to blow your mind.

Nature is for everyone, even semi Goddesses.

Ex Australian Bachelor contestant, Mary O’Neill claims to be 100% natural all the way. The Aussie beauty from down under is spending her days leading the way in the popular International Country Music scene. For more about her enthusiastic love and sincerity towards Mother Nature and all her creations, make sure to visit her site at Honey on the Railroad.

It warms the heart to see and be enlightened on how with a little Natural help; all of us can aspire to be as beautiful as Mary is!

If we can attest to finally finding someone else who can give us a run for our money when it comes to our pathological adoration for nature, it would have to be previous American Bachelor contestant, Breanne Rice. Follow Breanne on Instagram now.

Breanne Rice - Smelling Orange

(c) Misty Winesberry photography

Breanne has been so enthralled by Mother Nature; she has actually made it her full time job. Few of us could compete with that amount of nature passion and true flower power! Breanne has a special personal story that set her on her special path towards embracing our Earth and all its magical, natural remedies.

As a child, she suffered from severe digestive issues and at just nineteen, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, vitiligo alongside a plethora of food allergies. Though this diagnosis would make most of us curl into a ball of self-despair and depression, Breanne decided to fight against the disease through what can only be termed as superhuman determination – she is a true inspiration and positive role model for all of us.

Via a complete lifestyle change that was more aligned to nature, all of Breanne’s digestive issues began to work themselves out and over fifty percent of her skin started to receive its pigmentation back. Best of all, the constant pain Breanne had to persevere through started to dissipate. This led the way to Breanne’s intense passion for Nature, specifically fuelling her passionate love for nutrition and its pertinent relationship with digestion, immunity and allergies. As a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, Breanne now works with clients across the globe at her business, Breanne Rice Holistic Health and has been published in many articles and magazines such as Mind Body Green and South Sound Magazine.

What’s Breanne’s real story?

Here it is, from Breanne herself.

Take it away, Breanne …

“I started getting into natural products in my early twenties, when I was diagnosed with vitiligo (an autoimmune disease where your skin attacks its own pigment cells, and you lose pigmentation) and multiple allergies. My vitiligo started as a white patch around my eye, then spread rapidly causing me to lose over half of the pigmentation on my face. When dealing with an over active immune system, it’s even more crucial that you’re using products that are not filled with chemicals and toxins. The skin is the body’s largest organ, making it just as important to take care of naturally.”

We couldn’t agree more, Breanne. When asked what we’d find on the stunner’s dressing room table, we were thrilled with her response.

Breanne Rice - Organic Shopping

(c) Misty Winesberry photography

“When shopping for products, I always look for ingredients I can pronounce”, Breanne told us. “I have a skin care line I work with who a friend started based in Santa Barbara California, and it’s done wonders for me. She uses all-natural ingredients that come from nature, and my skin has never looked or felt better. I’m especially careful considering I have vitiligo on my face, so I do not put anything with chemicals or something that could trigger an immune reaction”.

When probed about Breanne’s commitment to natural remedies, she informed us that she is “an advocate for natural products” due to her role as a holistic nutritional therapy practitioner.

Most importantly, Breanne enlightened us on how imperative it is to be natural internally and externally in order to reap all the benefits Earth has to offer. “While I take care of myself naturally on the inside by eating the right foods, I also do just as thorough a job on the outside making sure I’m applying the healthiest products I can find. Also, I’m a huge advocate for skin products being that I have vitiligo on my face”.

So there you have it – absolute documented proof that Natural Products are the talk of the town with everyone, even gorgeous human beings like Breanne and Mary.

If you need any more encouragement to take the helping hand Mother Nature is dying to give you (though we’re positive you don’t), we thought we’d end with this inspirational comment Breanne left us with.

“I’m a huge advocate for loving yourself and encouraging women. We all have our imperfections and insecurities, but we cannot let them define us. At 19, I was diagnosed with vitiligo, and it spread rapidly causing me to lose over half of the pigment on my face. When I am exposed to the sun, it tans my healthy skin and leaves my vitiligo even more noticeable. I can only love myself, and not let my circumstances define my value or self-worth. What is the definition of beautiful anyway? Is it being perfect? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Perhaps you have a circumstance or something about yourself that you are insecure about. Don’t let it define you. You deserve love, and you are beautiful”.

We couldn’t have said it better. Remember, you are perfect, just the way Mother Nature intended and no one knows better than her so take care of yourself naturally and let that beauty shine!

And as we always say here at Nim-Véda Australia – It’s Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body. For more on our philosophy and story, make sure to visit us at www.nimveda.com.

Feature Image of Breanne credit – (c) Jasmin Elaine photography 

Organic Foods Kitchen - difference between organic and natural

Difference Between Organic and Natural – Easy Guide

Organic is the new buzzword.

But there is a difference between Organic and Natural products that you may be wondering about and should definitely know.

Everyone seems to be talking about it, the mothers at the school canteen, your boss on her “only green vegetables will enter my stratosphere” diet, and maybe even your teenage daughter in an attempt to get rid of the pimples she didn’t invite along on her puberty journey.

But like all buzzwords, there is a lot of misunderstanding around the word and some nasty conundrums as well. Believe it or not, the idea is really quite simple, just like everything Mother Nature related. Basically, anything confusing and wrong with it is probably caused by mortals, and maybe some vampires … but that’s another story.

If keeping up with all the organic nuances is doing your head in, don’t worry. This guide should set you straight.

1. There really is a difference …

Between Certified Organic, Organic and Organic/Natural based products, that is. I don’t blame you for being a little iffy about this one because as the Marketing/PR/Communications/IT Lead (What? I have my own business, I have to be a Jack of all Trades) for a Certified Organic/Organic/Organic based Brand (this is not a shameless plug), for Foods and Personal Care Products at Nim-Véda Australia (that was a shameless plug), you would think I’d have this one down pat by now.

Seriously, I thought I did.

But as I spoke to a potential distributor in Thailand last week, I realised that maybe I only understood the difference in Australia. In all my naivety, I actually (rather stupidly, it appears) believed that maybe there would be a global definition. Silly me because that would make it, oh I don’t know, easy!

It turns out that in Australia at least, Certified Organic refers to products that are Organic and have been declared as such by an appropriate government/independent body. Companies that are manufacturing Certified Organic Products probably have CEOs that have lost all their hair by now. I’m not kidding; I’d actually be prepared to put a wager on it which is saying something considering my dismal betting record. Acquiring Organic Certification is not a small feat, it takes loads of time, lots of documentation, going back and forth a gazillion times and heaps of finance.

Organic is probably (don’t shoot me, I did say probably and even italicised it) exactly the same in terms of quality and processing as Certified Organic without the official badge of honour. What stops some people from purchasing organic however is that there’s no official proof. It’s like swearing that you saw a spaceship without the photograph to prove it. You may be wondering why I’ve italicised official twice before. It’s because the manufacturers of Organic Products should have some sort of documentation stating that the products have had no chemical and unnatural processing going on before it got to your fingertips. Should doesn’t always mean they do, which is wrong. Very wrong. At least in my book anyway but we all have different yardsticks … you get the picture.

Basically organic products are based on trusting the manufacture within reason. Though there’s no official certification, the document stating the above still means the manufacturer better be telling the truth or they’re likely to be in hot water if someone finds out otherwise.

Organic/Natural Based is often referred to as Organic by Default.

What this means is that an natural based product is likely to be exactly the way Mother Nature intended. It’s like growing your own tomatoes in your backyard and then selling them at your kids’ lemonade stand. They were grown exactly the way the environment wanted them grown, the naturally perfect way and you don’t have to have any documentation stating so because well, Mother Nature didn’t pass one along, did she? Because if she did why are you here reading this post? Go and tell someone now and get rich and famous.

2. Should you even bother or is Organics nothing more than a buzzword for my much richer neighbour?

Honestly, I’m going to put my foot in it because it is one of my top three skills on my resume.

Wentworth Falls Lake - difference between organic and naturalThough I am pretty much in charge (when my dad isn’t watching) of a Certified Organic/Organic/Organic based sustainable organisation located in a small picturesque town that makes it hard not to be motivated to live as closely to nature (don’t believe me, look at where we’re located on the right) the fact is that there is no comprehensive proof that organic is actually better for you.

But … because you know there’s always a but, many people who swear by Organic Products will never tire of telling you that you can’t put a price on common sense, or as my mum say’s, common sense is not a commodity sold at the local vegetable market. You have no idea how much using that saying pained me because it was the quirky response I would often get when I came back home and told her about something stupid I did (which till this day, continues to be often).

It makes sense to use what Earth has created so bountifully for us seeing as we’re just one of the many creations of Mother Nature. It’s interesting how every continent has managed to come up with something useful naturally for its inhabitants. India has Neem (The Tree of the 21st Century as declared by the United Nations), Australia has Tea Tree Oil, the United States has Echinacea while Europe has Geranium … you get it. Nature’s made it so there’s something for everyone.

What this signals to Organic enthusiasts is that the environment knows best. There’s a reason why certain plants and herbs are native to the areas that they are, they’re made up of stuff that your body needs because of where you live. In-eloquent, I know, but you’ve got it down-pat.

What does this mean for Natural Product lovers? They’re willing to put their buck where their mouth is and pay for what they believe is going to keep them and their families healthy because it’s only going to save them a lot of moolah and heartache on hospital bills later on in life. Just saying.

3. Okay, whatever. But why are Organic Products so much more expensive?

I get it. They really are.

And while it doesn’t really cost you an arm and a leg to live organically (no some of our customers, it really doesn’t), they do cost more than their non-organic, chemical filled substitutes.

People can’t often wrap their head around why this is exactly so I thought I’d give you my two cents, naturally!

I can’t tell you how hard it is to acquire Certified Organic Products status because this is a PG article and my keyboard is likely to break after I get through all the swear words … from every language on the planet and Uranus. Basically, it’s as hard as um, nails.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to ensure that your field of produce is completely, 100% natural. This is because mostly, fields are often clumped together and not all fields in an area are proclaiming to be organic. Which means that pesticides used on one field can very understandably (due to weather conditions such as wind changes and rain) land up on a “Certified Organic” field.

Certified Organic farmers are often extremely stressed obviously. Imagine having to ensure that the weather listened to your whims and fancies. Don’t believe me, check out this (what some would refer to as ludicrous) news article. It is becoming increasingly expensive for growers of natural produce (not to mention difficult) to fulfil the requirements of organic certification which is proving to be a massive burden on farmers who (for the most part) are trying in earnest to do the right thing.

Sure, organic produce is fast gaining popularity but the headaches surrounding the promotion and growth around it makes certified organic farming more of a labour of love than anything else. Organic farmers really do believe in the concept of working with Mother Nature rather than against it. They believe in allowing the Earth to take care of its produce the way it was always intended, with natural resistances to pests and allowing foods to grow when they’re supposed to.

Organic farmers have to pass a little bit of the expense of growing their produce onto the consumer to ensure that everyone is getting the best, most natural product possible.

4. Do I really need Organics?

Well, do you really need those new pair of Louis Vuitton shoes or that Versace suit you’ve had your eye on for the past six months. Chances are no. But that doesn’t change you wanting them, right?

It’s pretty much the same for Organic foods, except instead of evolving from our slightly (dare I say) vain place, the need for organic foods is probably coming from our gut and taste buds.
Your body wants organic and naturally made and grown produce and though there is no official proof that you need it, I would personally rather rely on my internal organs knowing what’s good for them than what some scientist (possibly financed or aligned to some large multinational) is preaching to me.

Though I am skeptical of my taste buds most of the time (particularly when they crave hot fries and some sour cream and chives dip so they don’t get lonely), when they tell me a certain organically grown tomato should be on the menu tonight, I listen a little more attentively (predominantly because they seem to be behaving themselves – which is rare).

So, to cut a long story (or in this case article) short, though I may not need organics, I definitely want them. Just like my next pair of Louis Vuitton’s so hands off!

5. Seasonal Foods are better for you?

Truly Organic Foods are seasonal by their very definition. Because they’re grown the way nature intends, they grow when they’re supposed to which often means that your body is getting the nutrients it’s meant to when it needs them the most.

They also have less of an impact on the environment which has got to be a good thing, right? Not only do consuming seasonal fruits ensure that local farmers have more of a chance when battling against large multinationals and cheaper prices from overseas, it also guarantees that the produce you consume is likely to be fresher and therefore healthier.

Organic produce that is also locally produced is the best option as it means that you’re helping to send your hard earned money back into your precious community which will only serve to make everyone around you happier and more financially stable, which has got to be a bonus, right? You’re happy, you’re neighbour’s happy, the dog’s happy … you understand. I bet you’re already feeling happier, am I right?

Unfortunately though, often local farmers can’t afford to become certified organic, however many local farmers may already be using organic methods (without the certificate to prove it). Visit your local farmers market and speak to the farmers selling their produce, you may just find that what they’re doing is already organic anyway. Want some more information on why everyone should be bonkers about locally grown food? We hear you.

6. There is an ongoing push for Organic Foods to be more Fairtrade

Organic produce is not guaranteed to be Fairtrade, let me just put that out there before you spam me with hate mail. I’m more of a lover, you see.

If you’re a bit confused about what Fairtrade actually means, here’s a little more about the very deserving concept. Having said this, there is a general consensus that Organic and Fairtrade should be amalgamated to better serve the environment and community. After all, as harsh as it may sound, people tend to be less concerned about their environment when the more pressing matters of getting food on the table for their families is at the forefront of their mind which is why there is such a push for organic produce to also be Fairtrade, particularly in developing nations.

Let’s be completely honest here, it’s not rocket science, is it? Everyone’s (regardless of culture or territories) number one priority is providing for their families. Fairtrade practices ensure that farmers are able to sustain a decent lifestyle which makes it easier and profitable for them to ensure that the produce reaching your dining tables are as organic and natural as possible. It’s a win-win solution for everyone and considering how far and few in between they are in general life, I say grab it with both hands when we can.

7. Organic Foods last longer

Organic Plums - difference between organic and natural

This is a photograph I took about two years ago because I was so shocked to see how fresh my organically grown plums (from my backyard) looked nearly four weeks after being picked. I guess I have my gorgeous plum tree (I’ve nicknamed her Plumpilicious) to thank for piquing my interest in the wonder of produce grown the way Mother Nature intended (not to mention the scrumptious fruit my neighbours, workmates and I got as well from Plumpilicious’s beautiful bounty).

As it turns out, organic produce really does last longer than their more conventionally grown peers.

Which makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What do un-organic products have in them, that even after all the preservatives and chemicals in them, they rot quicker? I have absolutely no idea but articles like this one definitely shed more light on the topic.

So, in the end, I would suggest that it depends on the type of produce with regards to whether organic or their non-organic counterparts last longer. Or it could just be that Plumpilicious is one of a kind, I always had an inkling.

To wrap this all up … Are you sold on Organics or not?

I hope that this fairly comprehensive blog post has helped clear some of the misconceptions and confusion around the whole Organic concept for you. If nothing more, I hope it’s presented you with some good articles for you to sink your teeth into around this fast becoming popular space.

Many of our customers are doubtful and unsure of what the purposes of Organic products are and whether they’re deserving of all the hype they’re getting at the moment. After working in an Organically geared organisation, I can’t tell you to go out and swap all your non-organic products with organic ones because that would look suspicious. But, I would strongly urge you to try the concept out after educating yourself on the whole shebang.

I can present you with countless facts and figures (as well as case studies and testimonials) on why you should go the Organic route but in the end, humans like to try before they buy. It’s this wonderful inquisitive mind we’ve all been gifted (or cursed – whatever you prefer) with.

So the only question that remains is, are you in or out? Let us know in the Comments section and if you want to know more about us and our vision, click here.

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How to Love your Mum with Natural Products this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day alert, guys and gals so get thinking on how you can wow her on her special day of the year (hint, hint – Natural Products!).

I get it. It’s pretty much impossible to give your awesome mum a present that will show her exactly how much you love her because let’s face it, all of us are never ever going to be able to repay them for everything they’ve done for us but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying, does it?

Who better to get some inspiration from than her Mother Earth herself? Just like our very special sexy Mama’s, Mother Nature knows what’s best for all of her children, including your mum.

So how about gifting your special lady some naturally good stuff for her on the day that’s all about her?

Here’s why Natural Products are the latest craze at the moment:

It’s great that we’re beginning to experiment with the idea of going natural when it comes to taking care of ourselves nowadays. Not only is this going to be good for us individually in the long run, it’s also much gentler on this magical planet we’re so very fortunate to be living on.

With the promotion and increased awareness of natural products, there has been a significant rise in companies that are organic or natural based. These include large companies such as Kora Organics and Aveda alongside small companies committed to natural quality such as Nim-Véda Australia.

This means it is easier for us to source products that suit our unique internal and external needs. As always, before you go all gung ho on natural products, make sure you inform mum to perform a patch test and check if she’s allergic to any of the ingredients in the natural product you’re giving her before she tries it.

When organics was just starting out, people were sceptical about its uses but as popularity around the concept surges upwards, it is a lot easier to educate ourselves around the advantages of being as closely aligned to Mother Nature as possible.

We think it just makes sense that our planet knows how to take care of her inhabitants.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Mum’s going to thank you one day:

Mum with CHildLet’s be honest. We don’t need a special day to show our mum’s how much we love them because they certainly didn’t (and chances are still don’t!). This is just one more reason why Natural Products are such an excellent present.

Many will often complain about how long organic based products take to work their magic but the truth is something as glorious as the Amazon Jungle didn’t happen overnight, did it? Nature can’t be rushed; this is just one of her many gorgeous and unique anecdotes.

Natural Products may take longer to uncover their results but this is most likely due to the fact that they work from the inside out rather than the other way round. Natural Products may take longer to uncover their results but this is most likely due to the fact that they work from the inside out rather than the other way round.

Besides, haven’t we always been told that what’s on the inside counts the most? Okay, okay, so we can’t entirely ignore our outside (which is perfectly fine by the way, because we’re allowed to be as proud about the way we look as we are about the way we feel) but you will often find that there is a direct correlation between the two.

You want your mum to be around forever, I get it. So do I!

So how about presenting her with a helping hand so she can take care of herself and feel as stunning and incredible as she is as well as look it? Frankly, I can’t think of anyone better to gift our mum’s than Mother Nature.

If your mum’s anything like mine, she doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon, she drives it. If she hasn’t been given the Organic Love Bite by the Organic Bug yet, don’t wait any longer. Look around for that picture-perfect Natural Gift today so she’s in on the loop. You never know, like countless times in your life, she may inspire you to take the Natural route too. There are plenty of options both online and at your local supermarket and Health Food/Product Outlets so don’t wait any longer. Adopting Mother Nature has never been easier. After all, it’s just following in our ancestors’ footsteps – nothing could come more naturally anyway!

Share what you’re thinking about gifting your adorable Mother today in the Comment’s Section so we can all brainstorm together. Are you going Natural this Mother’s Day and why or why not?

Let us know!

Easter Ideas

Love Easter? Be the First to spread it Organically

Easter is a time to rejoice and spend some precious moments with friends and family. It’s also a time to reflect about our actions and their consequences.

Organic Oriented Products are fast gaining popularity and in a market that is fairly price driven, the fact that off the shelf product are being replaced by their more expensive counterparts is noteworthy.

With popular previously “trusted” brands coming under our radar the past few months, it is no wonder that more of us are turning our time, energy and well-earned money towards organic and natural foods, personal care and cleaning items.

Money’s Useless without Health

Let’s face it, we’re all switched on when it comes to how we spend our hard earned dough but many of us also understand that money is worthless if we don’t have our health.

As the news of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder’s Cancer scare hits our shores, it has only added to the list of issues products made up of chemical substances have caused over the years.

The spotlight on the permanent damage caused by long term feminine hygiene product usage has also snowballed into many women now turning to organic products. What does this all have to do with Easter? Let me show you.

The Easter Bunny’s Going Green …

Easter’s about Good Food, Picnics and Treasure Hunts that involve, well, lots and lots of chocolates.

It’s also about cupcakes, pastries and, you get the picture. With a substantial increase in food allergies developing, more of us are looking at organic alternatives for what we put on our dining table. As Easter approaches, many of us are preparing to cook a plethora of dishes for our burgeoning families. From personal experience, I can tell you that what this means for our family is a variety of dishes for people with an even more exclusive range of unique allergies. No one wants to be remembered for the catastrophic dinner that made Aunt Suzie look like Blowfish was on the menu. Which is why it’s a safer bet to use Organic foods and better yet, maybe something you’ve actually grown and handpicked from the garden.

There are also a whole lot of options for Organic chocolates and sweets available nowadays which means that parents and kids are happy together.

Going on an Easter Vacation? Don’t forget to pack the Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Don’t get caught out with having to rely on the Hotel/Motel’s Personal Care option because I’m sorry to have to break it to you, if that one shoe fits all policy hasn’t worked till now, it’s not going to anytime soon.

Natural Products don’t just make you feel better, they make you look better. You know that old adage, you are what you eat? It goes for everything you put into your body, even the stuff that can be absorbed through your pores. Sounds simple enough, right? So this goes for the whole shebang – shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams … everything.

Nervous about going completely commando with adopting your Organic Personal Care regime, I hear you. It all starts with one single step. Swap one organic product for an off the shelf one you’ve been using for a while, like your normal day cream for example. If the results aren’t too crash hot, don’t give up just yet. There are so many Organic Product varieties out there, use another one and see how it goes and then if it’s a success, try adopting more organic alternatives. What do you have to lose? Try it out, you might just love it.

Make a Positive Change this Easter

So there you have it, do something good for you and your family this Easter. There’s a reason everyone’s on the Organic Bandwagon and it is here to stay. Don’t be the last grape on the grapevine, be the example for your family and friends.

As clichéd as it sounds, Organic Products just make sense. It’s the way Mother Nature intended for us to live, naturally, organically. Eat what’s in season, use what’s made by the Earth on your body without chemical intervention, chances are you’ll feel better for it. Always remember to discuss any changes to your normal routine with your medical practitioner prior to adopting any changes and you’re set.


Let us know how you go in the comments section, we’ll be thrilled to find out!