How to Boost Your Confidence Naturally

Need to Boost Your Confidence?

We’re all faced with it at one time or another – we feel down in the pits, low about the way we look and feel and generally disillusioned.

Not the way we like to feel at any time in our life!

The truth is, Nature doesn’t want us feeling like this either and would love it if you could Boost Your Confidence levels up, up and away!

With a combination of self meditation, positive thoughts and some help from Mother Nature, you can kick those anti confidence ninjas to the kerb and our expert opinion on the matter is just one of many in this handy article on MyDeal this week.

Here’s what we had to say:

“Natural Products (like foods) contain a limited number of chemicals and other harmful ingredients conventional products may contain. As skin is our largest organ, it makes sense that what we choose to put on it would have a substantial impact. The pores on our skin are directly correlated with our bloodstream – using natural products is like a Mother’s touch to a baby, non-invasive and tenderly loving – basically, it’s all the awesome stuff! Why is this so important? It’s important because skin that loves what you apply on it is going to display its appreciation with fewer breakouts, rashes, permanent scarring and oiliness. This means a more flawless look that you’re going to want to show off with confidence and grandeur. Feel confident in putting your natural skin on display for the world to see!”

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If you want to read some more expert insight into how to boost your confidence levels through the roof (and why wouldn’t you?), make sure to check out the rest of the article.

And remember, as always:

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pre packaged-food-dangers

How to Avoid The Lurking Dangers of Pre Packaged Foods

We’ve been featured in MyDeal this week for our expert insight on the hidden dangers lurking in pre packaged and off the shelf canned foods.

With children often being the first victims of dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives found commonly in pre packaged foods, this article looks at ways you can protect your family from long-term harm in many cases and promote healthier, more nutritious diets for your entire family – particularly your young ones.

Here’s a snippet from the article on our pertinent advice on this pressing matter:

“Pre Packaged foods are particularly dangerous as they contain chemicals and preservatives to ensure long shelf life that may be detrimental to your body. Natural, fresh produce contains nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that assist with keeping us healthy – the fact that these foods go off after a certain time ensures that we aren’t poisoning our body and that we get these essential nutrients in a timely manner. Children are particularly prone to the side effects of pre packaged foods as they are at growing stages of their lives where getting the nutrients fresh food contains is essential.”

If you’d like to read more on the dangers of pre-packaged and canned foods and how to avoid them, make sure to read the rest of the article.

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How To: Beauty Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type!

We’re proud to be featured in MyDeal for our Skincare Tips for every type of Skin.

If you’ve been wondering about the secrets beauty experts use to keep their skin and body healthy, you’re in luck!

Wait no more and check out the article to find all our handy hints and much more on taking care of yourselves healthily and quickly – particularly as they relate to skincare tips.

Joined by industry experts, our very own Mituri Pradip Sharma is featured for our expertise on amazing Natural Oils Mother Nature has gifted all her children with.

Here’s an excerpt:

  1. Rosehip Oil is excellent in regenerating new skin cells and has great anti-ageing properties that will leave your skin feeling fresh, youthful and rehydrated, and assists in minimising scarring.
  2. Ashwagandha oil acts as an anti-stress and adaptogenic herb and is one of the main herbs used to rejuvenate the body. With its anti-wrinkle properties, Ashwagandha oil is excellent in fighting the signs of ageing.
  3. Brahmi Oil is a powerful blood purifier and assists in treating chronic skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis. It also helps to reduce the signs of ageing and is excellent in reducing the effects of depression and fatigue.

For some more handy hints on taking care of any skin type, make sure to check the article out!

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7 Health Tips from Health Business Owners

Want some Health Tips from people who have made health their livelihood?

Best of all, how about some healthy advice on what these very Health Professionals do and eat themselves to stay healthy?

Who wouldn’t, right?

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be a fly on the wall during a healthy meet with health business owners – or is that just us?

Well we have you covered because we wouldn’t tantalise you without offering up some invaluable insight – as the saying goes, the proof is in the chia pudding!

We are proud to be featured on the popular MyDeal Blog for health tips shared by those who do health for a living.

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Our health tip revolves around morning detoxes the way Mother Nature always intended. Here’s a snippet on our Marketing Lead’s tip for starting our days fresh and full of energy:

On morning detoxes:

“I drink a concoction of two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother Enzyme in a glass of warm water every morning before consuming anything else. This serves to clean my insides and boost my immune system first thing in the morning – similar to a natural power boost.”

Interested in hearing more about natural food, exercise and a positive mind set? Head over to the MyDeal blog article right now!

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Nature doesn’t want you ageing and here’s why …

Not that we think there’s anything wrong with ageing here at Nim-Véda Australia.

What we do strongly believe in, however, is ageing gracefully and naturally.

We also believe that no one wants to (or should) age before their time and after taking a leaf out of Mother Nature’s green book, we’re happy we’re on the same leaf-let (did you like what we did there!).

Most importantly though, is to mentally get rid of the fear so many of us harbour with the idea of ageing.

Imagine the possibilities.

Think about it – if we all started embracing the positives of getting older, how much more enjoyable would our birthdays be? We’d be anticipating them excitedly the way we used to when we were all children.

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We’d be revelling in gifts, sweets, cakes, being the centre of attention for one day – basically in all the good stuff that makes life worth living.

Is this where you’re left scratching your head going no way, this sounds too good to be true?

Well, we’ve got news for you.

It isn’t and in the rest of this article, we’re going to show you just why that is.


Let’s dive in!

Ageing is a beautiful experience – if we just shift our mindset a little

beautiful-old-woman-desertThere are a plethora of (what seem like) magical creams and lotions out there guaranteeing the next best thing to never ever getting old, products that claim they can kick the natural process to the kerb and they even have the mind-bogglingly expensive price tag we’ve all come to expect (not rightfully by the way) attached.

But have you ever stopped to ask why? Why do these products even have a market, why do we spend so much of our life trying to halt what we all know is inevitable?

Many of us believe Mother Nature is ultimately devastatingly cruel but this is what society has trained us to think, unfortunately. From a very young age, we are taught to believe that getting old is a negative experience instead of the positive one we can so easily make it.

Encouraging and nurturing a continued positive attitude towards ageing in our mind and spirit is what will finally set us free from the anti-ageing anxiety that many of us are immersed in as well as its traumatic aftermath such as sickness and ageing at an unnaturally faster rate.

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When it comes to Ageing, Mother Nature is our Friend, not our Enemy

Here’s an undisputed fact.

The environment is here to help us, not work against us.

It’s here to support us during our journeys in building our life altering decisions through the way we think and the best part is that the knowledge to truly set us free is 100% free. All we have to do is be patient, trust our instincts and be inspired.

There are an abundance of wonderful natural remedies on this amazing planet of ours that helps us to age gracefully and they are easily attained – if we just care to be present.

In fact, I would even go as far as to suggest that these gifts of Mother Nature won’t only help us age more exquisitely, they’ll want to make us embrace ageing, presenting us with more time to think of all the wonderful things that happen to us as we grow older. Such as treasured life experiences, the freedom to relax and “smell the roses” as we enjoy more me time and the ability to enjoy our families and any new additions alongside all the wisdom living and invaluable experience brings along with it. We can’t buy that no matter how much money we have!

It is common sense to use what this stunning planet has created so bountifully for us seeing as we’re just one of the many creations of Mother Nature. It’s amazing to study how every continent has created something naturally useful for all its children. India has Neem (The Tree of the 21st Century as declared by the United Nations), Australia has Tea Tree Oil, the United States has Echinacea while Europe has Geranium – you get the picture. Nature has made it so that there’s something for everyone.

Now that’s a bargain unbeatable in any department store!

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Protect your Face Naturally

Our face tends to be that part of the body we spend the most time obsessing about.

All you have to analyse to prove this fact is the increased emphasis our society spends on surgery enhancements for the face.

This isn’t surprising really considering the difficulty we have when it comes to protecting our face against the harsh elements of the wind, water, and the sun.

We often overlook the effects the sun has on our face believing that a wide brimmed hat will shield us adequately. Sure, we’re covered up everywhere else but what about our face and necks?

It is for this reason that our faces and necks desperately require some much needed tender loving care during our body’s much deserved down time.
How do we ensure our faces are being rejuvenated and actively defended against premature ageing naturally?


Enter the wonderful world of natural face oils.

There are a wide variety of natural face oil options that are truly magical when it comes to sheltering our face and in turn reducing not just the appearance (like most of the ads promise) but the actual existence of fine lines and wrinkles that aren’t meant to be there just yet.

Like most natural remedies, these natural solutions target the source of the problem rather than on the surface cloaked issues while the “real” problem is left to fester and aggravate beneath the surface – often discovered too late when it is.

Many natural oils also have the added benefit of being naturally effective against all the unique variations most of us face at different times in our lives.

Black Cumin Seed, for example, is considered as one of the greatest modes of healing medicine, particularly used to fight against a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, boils and cold symptoms.

Rosehip Seed Oil is brilliant in regenerating new skin cells – the ultimate way to naturally combat ageing properties that leave skin feeling fresh, youthful and rehydrated.

Most closely aligned in its attributes to the skin’s natural properties, Jojoba oil is the ultimate moisturiser that results in smooth, soft and hydrated skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, and minerals.

There are many more wonderful natural oils such a Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Black Sesame Seed Oil and Wild Himalayan Apricot Oil for the entire body as well so enjoy!

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How to use Natural Products to keep you protected all through life

There’s a reason Organic and Natural are increasingly popular buzzwords nowadays.

There’s also a reason why organisations everywhere are so single-handedly focussed on the use of natural ingredients in their ranges. People have finally (and not a moment too soon!) started truly listening to the oldest mother that’s ever existed – Mother Nature.

What we apply on and put into our bodies is probably the most imperative consideration for all of us when it comes to taking care of ourselves as well as our attitudes around ageing and how we approach the concept.

As the news of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder’s Cancer scare rears its ugly head, it has only added to the growing list of concerns products created from unnatural and damaging chemical substances have stirred over the years.

When large multinationals that many of us have blindly trusted for decades begin to appear under the spotlight for potentially life threatening diseases, it’s time to get up and take notice – because money is honestly pointless if we don’t have our health.

Sourcing products that are organic and natural based are much easier than it used to be with a multitude of healthy options to select from (such as certified organic, organic, natural and Fairtrade).

All we have to do is make a short trip to our local health store or Cooperative the next time we’re grocery shopping to make the organic switch swiftly and comfortably.

The truth is, once you find a product that suits your unique requirements, your body is likely to feel and look a lot better in its thankfulness to you for making the right decision.

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Remember – Ageing is not a dirty word!

happy-older-manHopefully, this article has eased the pangs of angst we feel churning deep within the pits of our guts every time another birthday comes around every year.

Ageing is a definite reality that we are all faced with at least once a year but doing it well is something we can all accomplish easily.

Rather than brooding on the negative learnt aspects of growing older, we should instead focus on the happy, fulfilling positives our birthdays should really be about (in addition to this day being all about us)! Like spending more of our valued time with our loved ones, learning through truly priceless life experiences and being able to share that wisdom with our families and friends.

Remember all the wonderful life lessons we learnt from our grandparents and historical events and how we use them till this day?

Let us focus on how we can be that special, invaluable person for someone else into the future. Someone who will remember us for all the good we’ve done hopefully so that even after we leave these mortal bodies of ours, our lessons and memory will live on in the marks we’ve left on this beautiful planet of ours.

Share your ageing success stories with us in the Comments Section.

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How To Get Naturally Glowing Skin – From 7 Beauty Experts

We’re honoured to be featured as one of the experts in Natural Beauty in My Deal’s roundup of influencers on getting naturally glowing skin.

Here’s an excerpt from our piece in the comprehensive, handy article for anyone searching for tried and tested methods of getting naturally beautiful skin all year round:

On the effects of the sun’s rays…
“Our skin goes through a lot of changes during our lifespan and is also the first noticeable victim of ageing, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept defeat. We all like basking in the sun, but like most devilishly good things in life, it’s a bit of a catch 22. The sun can cause havoc on our skin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reap the very imperative benefits of some Vitamin D. Just make sure to protect your skin with some moisturisers that are time suitable for the times you will be outdoors, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!” Find out more about Nim-Veda by following them on Facebook.

MyDeal Pro Tip:
Take Your Makeup Off At Night
One of the worst things you can do to your skin is stop it from breathing. Taking your makeup off at night allows your skin to do this, and takes away any dirt that built up from the day. You can take it off with micellar water, makeup wipes, or even something old school (but totally effective) like Pond’s cold cream. Cleanse and tone your skin after you wash it, just make sure you keep your bathroom tap set at lukewarm. Hot water dries out your skin, and cold water prevents your pores from opening up. It’s all about balance, my friends.

To read the entire article, check it out on the My Deal Website. You’re sure to find some handy hints that’ll make all your friends envious!


6 Tips For Dry, Winter Skin

We’ve been featured in a great article by for natural, handy tips to taking care of your dry, winter skin!

Here’s an excerpt to wet your appetite a little:

Winter Skin – Here Comes The Sun, Little Darling

As winter is primarily a cold and dreary season, it’s easy to forget that the sun still holds the power. Mituri from Nim-Véda Australia explains why taking precautions against the sun’s rays is just as vital in winter as it is in summer. “Many of us sport enthusiasts can’t wait to get out there and hit the slopes at the first sign of snow but we often forget about the effect being closer to the sun has on our skin. Though we’re covered up, we often miss our face and necks. Chapped lips are a common occurrence during winter but don’t ignore Nature’s warning – apply a suitable lip balm and a sun protection cream to limit the damage the sun has on our skin. Always ensure you keep your skin moisturised during the colder months with an effective day and night cream routine and body lotion solution. Body butters are a delectable option to the extra dryer conditions your skin may be facing during the colder season and organic based solutions can be found in a few ethical organisations now. Keeping your skin moisturised during winter is affordable and easily achieved so really, it’s a no-brainer!” Find out more about Nim-Veda by following them on Facebook.

For more on the article: check it out here!


5 Ways To Transition Into Being An Organic Household

Are you ready to start living an organic, clean and green lifestyle? There are multiple ways that you can start doing so, from the household items you buy to the cleaning products you use and of course, the food you select at the grocery store. Here are 5 tips to get you started on transitioning into being an organic household, in more ways than one:

1) Start With Your Healthy And Beauty Products

People always think the first thing they have to start with is food – and this is absolutely not the case. Take a look at your health and beauty products. This can be anything from your high end makeup to your child’s shampoo! Many people assume that making this switch has to be expensive, but there are most definitely ways around this.

Have a search online for products that are handmade! There are many small businesses that sell every household health and beauty product you can imagine, at a fraction of the cost that a big chain store would. This includes organic soap, bath oils, salts and much, much more! Of course, becoming someone who stalks the sales and is an absolute bargain-hunter is another way to make this process affordable (and way more fun)!

If you really want to get creative, even try making your own from scratch!

2) Look Closely At What You Are Buying For Your Children!

Being more careful with the choices you make in terms of childcare products is not only great for your transition to being organic, but is also important for your little one’s health and wellbeing! This can be everything from the bedding you use to the toys that they play with. Browse good quality kids and baby equipment online and find something that works for you, and is great for the planet earth.

This even extends to the toys and games you pick for your little ones to play with! Opt for a sandpit for your child, or other items that will get them outside, rather than staying indoors playing with an abundance of toys (which are usually gifted to them) that are primarily made of plastic or generally non-biodegradable materials.

3) Be Picky With Your Linen

When those aspiring to go green clean out their pantries and fridges, they often forget to take a close look at their bedrooms. Linen choices can play a big factor in whether or not you are living an organic lifestyle.

You and your family spend a good number of hours in your bed, and for your own health, you should definitely be picky about what materials your sheets are made of. Things you should definitely steer clear of include synthetic materials, such as polyester microfiber, unnatural dyes and boric acid.

4) Your Gardening/Farming Choices

Do you have a garden, backyard, or anywhere where you grow your own produce? You can help nature, by making a few simple decisions! You can in fact increase fertility by adding organic matter to the soil on your property – this includes animal waste and compost.

Increasing biodiversity is always a plus point as well and if you can minimise the use of synthetic pesticides and exclude all growth hormones you are taking a step in the right direction.

5) Of course… Food Choices

And finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for! Food choices! Make visiting your local farmer’s market a part of your weekly schedule, and you’ll end up with meats, cheeses and vegetables which are better for your health! Go ahead and buy any products you can in bulk whilst you are there to save costs.

If you are transitioning gradually, you may even want to create a meal plan to help you and your family stay on track.

With these 5 tips and tricks you can most definitely begin your journey to becoming an organic, clean green and healthy, happy household!

Interested in a solid start to a more Organic Lifestyle? Yes! Then visit us at is place you go to find the best prices on Furniture, Home & Garden, Tools & Equipment, Electronics, and Baby & Kids products. Since launching in 2012 from Melbourne, Australia, has evolved into one of Australia’s favourite online retailers with over 25,000 products, 1000 suppliers and an endless list of local and international brands. We launch new products every day and thousands monthly to keep you coming back.


How to have Dandruff Free Winter Hair Naturally when you use Neem

We’ve been featured in the popular My Deal website for our latest article on easy and quick tips on keeping your winter hair dandruff free naturally.

Make sure to check out the article if you want to know more about keeping your locks luscious, healthy and dandruff free all year round – particularly in the colder months when flaky scalp syndrome seems to hit us the most.

Remember as always:

Nature’s Touch for Nature’s Body – Nim-Véda Australia


Have Fun With Your Kids This Easter Weekend

We’ve been featured in the MyDeal blog for our useful tips on having some Natural Fun with Kids this Easter!

How cool is that?

Easter is a time to relax, have fun and eat loads of chocolate but we’ve given you some tips on how to make Easter guilt free (so you can sleep better knowing that you’re not ruining their teeth) and best of all – the kids won’t have a clue they’re being healthy!

It’s a win-win for everyone! Sounds good, right? We agree. Enjoy!